Image Analysis, Image Processing and Statistics
Measure the Facts in your Images
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Image Processing Software

Our product portfolio contains various software solutions for image analysis tasks in a multitude of disciplines. If you would like to know whether your task can be solved using our software, all we need are some sample images: you are welcome to make use of our free image check.

Medical software is available through the leading suppliers of the respective discipline. However, the software can be purchased through Datinf directly for individual solutions.


Software for industry, research & development

Scientific Counter
Flexible solution for object detection and measurement in digital images. Many configuration options allow Scientific Counter to adapt to various requirements. Of course, our support staff will be happy to help should questions or problems arise.

Object Counter helps with manual or automatic counting and grouping of arbitrary objects in digital images. The manual counting is done by clicking on the objects. For an automatic counting a powerful scripting language is embedded.

Scientific Color
DatInf® Scientific Color is a solution for sizing objects or areas distinguishable by color in digital images. Users can freely select the desired color range and define a measure for the image.

Datinf Measure
Datinf® Measure is a flexible, vector-based tool for measuring lengths and areas in digital images. The configurable measure makes the program useful for various applications.

Datinf® BGCorr is used to improve digital images, especially microscopic images. Inhomogeneous lighting is corrected by a subtraction technique, resulting in images with a homogeneous background and high contrast.

Image Overlay
Image Overlay creates impressive overlays of digital images well suitable to demonstrate changes over time. The program is also useful in identifying counterfeits, e.g. stamps or coins.