Image Analysis, Image Processing and Statistics
Measure the Facts in your Images
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Free image check

We check your ideas for feasibility
and develop user-friendly
and robust image
analysis software for you.

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Our specialized software solves many different image analysis
tasks objectively, reliably and efficiently.

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Research departments, universities, large corporations and mid-sized
acompanies are among our customers.

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Test our service!

Image upload - Send us three images and a short description!
Check - We check your images for feasibility, free of charge.
Result - We discuss results and further actions with you.

Smart solutions for demanding tasks!

Datinf GmbH specialize in developing software for image analysis, pattern recognition and object detection. Our interdisciplinary team develops specialised software for our customers or performs image analysis projects as a service.

Thanks to our extensive experience with modern statistics, we can provide a scientifically exact description of parameter properties along with the software if required.

Datinf® Image analysis software

  • Datinf Measure
  • Datinf Image Overlay: Coming Soon
  • Datinf BGCorr: Coming Soon