Image Analysis, Image Processing and Statistics
Measure the Facts in your Images
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Our service – free image check

Modern image analysis techniques allows automation of many tasks and objective extraction of a variety of features from images. Whether you want to detect shapes, measure objects or determine color differences - we check if existing standard software can be used or develop sophisticated and robust image analysis software for you.

You can also turn over your image analysis projects to us entirely - we will deliver results even within short amounts of time.

A free image check is included in our service. You can provide images for us to check whether the desired analyses can be performed on them.


Steps to a project request

Fundamental considerations
The relevant features in the images should be well recognizable for automatic image analysis. Should this not be the case, we are happy to advise you in the selection of cameras, lenses and lighting.

Image selection
Variability should be recognizable in your sample images for a meaningful assessment of your image analysis project. Usually about three images are sufficient for a first request, but of course you are welcome to provide more images.

Description of requirements for image analysis
It is easiest to mark the relevant features in an image. This can be done with any paint program, or with the free Datinf® Measure software.

Description of technical requirements
It is helpful for us to know the technical requirements of your projects. Most of our projects are developed for PCs running MS Windows (XP or 7), but we are able to support other platforms as well.
For example, it is possible to integrate a database for image collection or I/O cards for industrial applications.

Submit request
You may comfortably submit your request using the request form and subsequently upload your sample images. Submitting an email request is also possible. Typically, you will receive a first assessment within two business days.

Image check by Datinf
The experienced specialists on our staff visually assess the images and select the algorithms to be considered. If the algorithms are already implemented in one of our programs, we immediately check whether it works with your images.

Discuss results
In most cases, results of a first assessment are available within two business days. We email the results to you as a basis for an extensive phone or personal consultation.

Confidential information

Requests containing confidential information can be sent via encrypted emails. Please use our public PGP key.

A SSL connection is available for data upload. Login data will be provided to you upon request.